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Website Design/Development

From Basic Informational to eCommerce, Single Page to Multi Page, For Businesses and Individuals of All Sizes


A Responsive web design ensures consumers receive a consistent website experience across all devices- from TVs to Laptops to Mobile Phones. Whether you need a single-page informational site, a multi-page eCommerce site, or you have no idea at all - I'm glad to help! I can build responsive websites utilizing any popular platform or Content Management System (CMS), even pure HTML/CSS/JS sites. Schedule a free consultation with me and after discussing your goals I will help you decide the best option for your unique business.

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WordPress is an enormously popular and free-to-use platform. It is cost-effective, highly customizable, and robust. Through the use of eCommerce plugins (most popularly the free WooCommerce plugin) the platform can also be set up to perform online sales and manage inventory making it a highly viable solution for entering into eCommerce while maintaining flexibility and customizability.

Shopify is a CMS/POS combo service that is often the best solution for local brick and mortar businesses who are heavily engaged in online sales. It is a self-contained and hosted eCommerce solution with 24/7 customer support that guarantees security and compatibility with itself and hundreds of plugins. Shopify is not necessarily the cheapest long term solution as it requires businesses to pay a monthly fee for the service and is not as customizable as WordPress, but many businesses will find the peace of mind, ease of use, and synced compatibility with Shopify’s physical credit card readers well worth the additional costs.

Upon Completion Training - Regardless of your CMS selection, I want to leave you with a site that you can be comfortable to maintain. Upon completion of a site I will personally conduct a 2-3 hour, one-on-one training session to explain the most important features to be aware of in your site's unique backend. This includes such topics as how to add new content, how to fill and process orders, and how to implement general plugin and theme updates.

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Video & Animation Production

Commercials, Tutorials, Digital Menus, Installation Displays, Music Videos, Event Coverage, Short Films


Generate maximum emotional response with Video Production and 2D Animation services. Whether you already have a vision or need a little help creating one, I will work hard to find a cost-effective production to fit your budget and your audience!

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Everybody loves a good video. Video content is becoming more and more expected by customers who enjoy the immediate knowledge and experience well-produced videos can provide. Let me craft a video for you today! I graudated film school in Spring 2016 and am highly knowledgeable of the filmmaking process. If we decide that a video is the right investment for you, I will work hard to direct and capture a cost-effective video experience for you and your customers. I look forward to discussing how new, high-quality video content can boost your customer engagement, satisfaction, and sales today!

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Graphic Design

Logos, Social Media Ads/Banners, Business Cards, Brochures, Billboards, Print Ads, T-Shirts, Promo Items



Logos are a huge visual cue as to your business's credibility and professionalism. Work with me to guarantee that your logo is creating a good first and lasting impression.

Visual Branding

Visual branding is the consistent visual imagery used thoughout your organization. Strong visual branding ensures your business looks credible in every interaction.

Promo Material

Everybody loves to receive and represent high-quality promotional material. Keep your employees and customers excited about you with attractive promotional item designs.

Digital Ads

Ads are all over the web. Make sure yours stands out with impressive design work from Matt Blanchette Productions. I have over 6 years experience in creating digital ads.

Boost your brand’s visual impact with custom graphic design and photography. Communicate more effectively and become recognizable at a glance.

Print Managment Available: I want your print material to print out even better than you first see them on your computer screen. I will work with local print shops to handle and proof print designs to guarantee they are everything and more than you imagined!

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Portraits, Products, Landscape, Real Estate, Promotional, Fashion


Boost your brand’s visual impact with custom graphic design and photography. Communicate more effectively and become recognizable at a glance.


I am a filmmaker, web designer, and advertiser based in Bowling Green, KY. I graduated in 2016 with film and marketing degrees from WKU. For the last 6 years I have operated as a sole proprietor and realized creative visions for a large variety of clients spanning multiple industries. I pride myself in the standard of work I provide and my greatest satisfaction comes from exciting and impressing my friends/clients. I am confident that I can surpass your expectations and I will work until I do.

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