History & Experience

Complete History and Experience Coming Soon... Throughout grade school and middle school I developed a love for creative and multimedia design. In 5th grade I was creating stopmotion claymation videos and experimenting with green screens. By 8th grade, my father and I had begun building a music studio in the basement where I learned the fundamentals of timeline based editing and sound design. Freshmen year of High school I became very interested in Photoshop and graphic design and became a standout student in the graphic design program. This propelled me to a co-op position my senior year of high school as the assistant to the public information officer of the entire K-12 school district. In this position I shot and edited informational videos that highlighted each of the 9 schools in the district, maintained the school district's local TV broadcast station, updated content on the School District's website, created graphics for social media and print AD campaigns, and assisted with general day-to-day office proceedings.

Upon graduation of high school and enrolling in the local community college I was quickly referred to and employed as the Assistant to the Marketing Director there.